Odtülüler Dershanesi

Diving 50€

We present a great experience that you discover The Mediterranean Sea with Professional divers.
Afer pick our qeuests up at 09:000 a.m.. their eqeuipm.ent are given ry divers and given inform.ation
arout diving.
Our divings realize at the point that determ.ined refore and under the castle of Alanya. For our
qeuests who dive frst tim.e the frst diving is refore noon am.ong 3-5 m.etre in depth, the second one is
afer noon am.ong o0-o5 in depth. each diving takes arout n0-30 m.inutes. experienced divers can
dive to m.ore depth. Besides lunch is included the price rut drinks are extra. Our trip ends o7000.

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